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Sales POP! Podcasts

Interviews, panel discussions and content from the world's leading Sales, Marketing, Leadership and Motivation Thought Leaders! Brought to you by Sales POP! and Pipeliner CRM.

Oct 6, 2023

John Golden talks to Kira Wissman about motivating and engaging employees across generations in this podcast. They discuss managing and communicating with employees of diverse ages and the need of real and caring leadership. Workplace conditions and expectations differ between older and younger generations, and...

Jun 19, 2023

In this edition of the Expert Insight Interview podcast, host John Golden interviews Gregory Offner, CEO of the Global Performance Institute, about how staff experience affects customer experience. "The Tip Jar Culture," Gregory's new book, attempts to improve employee satisfaction and eliminate "irk" at work....

Sep 29, 2022

Today's guest in the Expert Insight Interview is Catherine Mattice. She is a founder and CEO of Civility Partners, an HR consulting company focused especially on helping organizations create respectful, and positive workplace cultures. Catherine and Our host John Golden discuss "how to create a positive and respectful...

Jun 2, 2022

It is time to think about how we can change and modernize workplace learning. In this Expert Insight Interview, we welcome Shannon Tipton, the Chief Learning Rebel, with over 15 years of corporate learning leadership experience.

Jun 2, 2022

When leaders lead with clarity, everyone knows the goal and how to get there. In this Expert Insight Interview, we welcome Nicole Greer, CEO of Vibrant Coaching, which helps organizations become what they were created to be.